Global Homecare Product Market

Global Homecare Product Market: Consumer Behavior Analysis by Countries, Buying Pattern Analysis, Demographics, Trends Analysis, Survey Findings and Results, Leading Companies and their Market Strategies

  • Published : May, 2020

  • Rep Id : HPM2552020

  • No. of Pages : 185

  • Status : Published

1.       Age

a.       15-30

b.      31-45

c.       45-60

d.      Above 60

2.       Gender

a.       Male

b.      Female

c.       Doesn’t want to specify

3.       Family size(members)

a.       Alone

b.      2

c.       3

d.      4

e.      More than 4

4.       Area of residence

a.       Rural

b.      Urban

c.       Semi-urban

5.       What are your ideas of cleanliness?

a.       Aesthetic

b.      Hygienic

c.       Other (Please mention) ___________________________________

6.       How frequently do you use surface cleaners?

a.       When needed

b.      Once in a day

c.       Twice in a day

d.      More than twice a day

7.       How frequently do you clean your sanitary wares?

a.       Once in two weeks

b.      Once in a week

c.       Once in three days

d.      Once in two days

e.      Everyday

8.       How frequently do you buy homecare products?

a.       Once in a week

b.      Once in two weeks

c.       Once in a month

d.      Once in 6 months

9.       Which type of homecare products do you tend to buy more?

a.       Surface Cleaner

b.      Toilet Cleaner

c.       Fabric Cleaner

d.      Other (Please mention) ___________________________________

10.   Do you plan before buying a homecare product?

a.       Yes

b.      No

11.   Where do you prefer to buy a homecare product?

a.       Convenience store

b.      Supermarket/Hypermarket

c.       Online Store

d.      Other (Please mention) ___________________________________

12.   Which company of homecare products do you prefer?

a.       Reckitt Benckiser

b.      Procter & Gamble

c.       GOJO Industries

d.      Himalaya

e.      Unilever

f.        Henkel

g.       Vi-Jon

h.      Other (Please mention) _______________________________

13.   Where do you get information about homecare products?

a.       Television

b.      Radio

c.       Newspaper/Magazine

d.      Friends/Family

e.      Internet

f.        Other(please mention)

14.   Do you want to change the home care product you are using currently?

a.       Yes

b.      No

c.       Maybe

15.   What product attributes do you search for in a homecare product?

a.       Price

b.      Advertisement

c.       Brand Image

d.      Fragrance

e.      Effectiveness

f.        Ingredient

16.   What effect does the Covid-19 outbreak have on your usage pattern of homecare products?

a.       None

b.      Minor

c.       Moderate

d.      Considerable

e.      Immense

17.   Did COVID-19 outbreak affect your frequency of buying homecare products?

a.       Yes

b.      No

c.       Not sure

18.   Have you changed the homecare product you were using previously because of the COVID-19 outbreak?

a.       Yes

b.      Not because of COVID-19

c.       Not changed the Homecare Product

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