Research Services

Syndicated Research

Infinium Global Research and Consulting Solutions, publishes syndicate reports on regular basis. Syndicate studies include analysis of industries and market segments identified by Infinium’s expert team, the TOC is finalized on the basis of feasibility study performed by the experts. Our syndicate studies cater to business verticals from various sectors such as Energy, Power, and Infrastructure; Food and Beverages, Agriculture and Animal Feed; Chemicals and Materials, Healthcare, Information and communication technologies, and Packaging. The syndicate studies are based on extensive primary and secondary research methods. Our syndicate studies are based on inductive research approaches that help us develop new theories.

Custom Research

In custom research service, Infinium global research offers customization of the research that has been purchased by the client. We offer free customization up to 10% of the scope of the report. Customization also includes modification of the TOC and custom study in accordance with the client’s requirement. The custom research is performed with the similar research methods that are used for syndicate research, in some cases it may require to focus more on primary research methods. In such cases, our experts involve in extensive conversation with the key opinion leaders in the industry. This not only helps us build concrete agreements but also offer a solution that is apt for our clients to take strategic decisions.

Consulting Assignment

Consulting assignments also refer to the client sponsored research studies. The scope and timeline are decided by the clients who sponsor the study. The consulting assignments are undertaken by the experts who are specialized in the domains and industry verticals such as food and beverages, animal feed, agriculture, chemicals, materials, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, healthcare IT, information technology, semiconductors, communication technologies and packaging. The arrangements can also be made wherein our representatives will closely work in association with the client to expedite the research/study. At Infinium our goal is to be knowledge partner of first choice and we offer our clients dedicated support.