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Exclusive Services

Exclusive Services

The Infinium Global Research , now offers exclusive services for its clients based in India.

1. Valuation Services

We also facilitate a valuation report from SEBI Registered Category I. Merchant Bankers. Listed companies require from Merchant Bankers under various regulations. For unlisted companies under Income Tax Act, Merchant Bankers valuation reports are required to arrive at “Fair Market Value” under the discounted cash flow method (DCF Method). The valuation services are offered by IBBI registered valuators. The valuation services include following areas.

Valuation of Business / Firm

Valuation of Intangibles such patents, copyrights, technical knowhow, franchise agreements, etc.

Valuation of Shares under Companies Act, Foreign Direct Investments, etc.

Valuation of Goodwill

Valuation for Swap Shares in case of Amalgamation

Valuation for Family Settlement

Valuation for Arbitration/Dispute Settlement/ Dispute Resolution

Valuation for Specific Purpose

Valuation in case of Take Over of Companies

Valuation of Shares for Transfer Pricing under Income Tax

Calculation of Fair Value as per IND-AS / IFRS/ Accounting Standards

2. Entering Indian Market

Infinium Global Research now offer services to its clients to facilitate their entry in the Indian market. India is one of the fastest growing and high potential markets in the world. Several investors across developed and developing countries are now focusing on India to enhance their return on investments. We at Infinium endeavor to ensure smooth entry in the Indian market. We offer our advisory and market research solutions to identify the high potential markets in the country. We help in gathering information about factor conditions such as .

Supply Chain

Cost Analysis

Factory Setup

Distribution Network

Post - Market Performance Assessment

100% / 51% Subsidiary OR Joint Venture Company in India with Indian Partner.

Generally, a Joint Venture (JV) is a way to enter the Indian market in sectors where in there is a legal requirement for a local partner or there is a % cap on foreign investments. But a foreign company with eligibility for a 100% subsidiary can also go through a Joint Venture (JV). A foreign company can set up its operations in India in any sector, except for a 100% ban on foreign investment such as defense, agriculture etc., by a strategic alliance with an Indian partner company. Like all the other companies, the Joint ventures are also formed under the Companies Act, 1956. A Joint Venture can exist in with a present Indian company or a new entity with an Indian partner(s). In any of the circumstances, the Indian company, existing or new, has to come forth the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) and the Reserve Bank of India, with the foreign partner company with a request intended for approving the planned foreign investment in the specific business and sector.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, which therefore attracts several investors across the globe. However, for foreign companies looking forward to setting up a company in India, the road is quite complex, and moreover involves a lot of approvals, documentation, compliance, and processes alike. For such foreign companies looking for partners in India, Infinium Global Research , works as a reliable and comprehensive local business partner that helps with services such as incorporation of the foreign company in India, complying with the legal aspects of incorporation of the foreign company in India, etc. Scroll down to know more on how we’d help you with every important aspect of India entry service.

Foreign Company Registration in India | Services for Setting up a Subsidiary Company in India

For companies looking forward to setting up a company in India or to a joint venture in India with a foreign company, we offer the following India entry services.

We Offer the following Services:

Advice on Foreign Exchange Law Matters, Corporate Structuring, Rules & Taxation.

Managing finances, Tax and compliance management, repatriation of funds to the foreign entity.

Helping to find a joint venture in India with a foreign company.

Finding partners for foreign companies looking for partners in India.

Support in acquiring office space, infrastructure, space/ property to build a manufacturing unit.

Liaison with the government offices local, state and central if and as required.

We help foreign companies looking for partners in India, as well as Indian companies to start a joint venture in India with a foreign company. We offer complete business incorporation and India entry services solution. So, don’t struggle with the complexities of setting up a company in India.


Apart from the conventional approaches like Joint Ventures and Wholly Owned Subsidiary, a foreign company has few other approaches where in there is not much of an investment but the presence in Indian market can be achieved by a Liaison office or a branch office or a project office.

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