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About Us

About Us

Today, the business organizations are going through transformation with competition getting fiercer and business practices becoming more aggressive. Companies that have abilities to fine tune their internal environment and amend themselves to be more competitive only survive, img/abouts have a risk of failure or being acquired. Some business organizations are vigorously working on their business strategies to make the most of the competition, while img/abouts are striving to survive in the competition and get along.

Infinium Global Research LLP is started with a single motto of being business partner of first choice. We at Infinium work on the strengths of our clients to ensure we help them consolidate their market position. We firmly believe in the fact that ‘if you are able to develop newer opportunities then you find there is no dearth of opportunities for you. With our strategic research approaches and deep dive in the market segments, we try to find out new opportunities that our clients can encash with their existing resources. Our experts with over 100 years of cumulative experience in research offer the best in the industry services to our clients to ensure that they achieve their business goals.

Who We Are

Infinium Global Research LLP

Infinium Global Research is a business consulting and market research firm; a group of experts that caters to fulfilling business and market research needs of leading companies in various industry verticals and business segments. The company also serves government bodies, institutes and non-profit/non-government organizations to meet their knowledge and information needs.

Through our information services and solutions we assist our clients to improve their performance and assess the market conditions to achieve their organizational goals. Our team of experts and analysts are engaged in continuously monitoring and assessing the market conditions to provide the knowledge support to our clients. To help our clients and to stay updated with the advances and inventions in technology, business processes, regulations and environment, Infinium often conducts regular meets with industry experts and opinion leaders. Our key opinion leaders are involved in monitoring and assessing the progress in the business environment, so as to offer the best opinion to our clients.


What We Offer

At Infinium Global Research LLP, we offer 360degree market research and consulting to our clients

Syndicate Studies

We offer both syndicate market research reports and consult or custom studies. Our syndicate studies cover in-depth analysis of the market, leading players and future prospects of the industry/market.

What We Do

The 360 degree approach helps our clients to look beyond the conventional research methods and get the perspectives on the market dynamics, past and current trends in the industry and statistical data and forecasts. Our offerings help our clients take strategic decisions such as new product launch, market entry, diversification, mergers and acquisition and expansion.

Tailor-made Studies

Our consulting solutions include tailor-made studies as per our client’s needs. We have helped numerous clients hailing from different industries take strategic decision making in their new ventures.

Who Do We Serve

Infinium Global Research LLP has clients including some of the fortune 500 companies and market leaders operating in industries such as -

Our Clients

Infinium Global Research caters to all businesses, starting from Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to the leading Fortune 500 Companies. We have an established client base in the following domains:

industries served by IGR


To be a partner of first choice for strategic decision support and business intelligence by providing most accurate data and information.



To be one of the Big 4s in the market research and business consulting firms.

Our Customers


Industry Consultants

Infinium is emerging as a preferred market research partner by consultants opertating across several industry vertical. We are also offering our services to leading consulting firms to help them obtain timely information and data.


University & Academics

We have successfully delivered market research and product prototype commercialization solutions to several universities and academic researchers.


Fortune 500 Companies

We have been serving companies from fortune 500 list, not just that we are expanding our offering to meet the needs of every business irrespective of its size.

Why should you choose IGR ?

Updated knowledge and latest business trends are key inputs of the modern day business strategies. We not only help our clients with understanding the latest trends in the market but also highlight the historic trends. Our consulting and research services are blend of historic data & trends and modern business trends. We have been engaged in gathering industry data for over the last 2-3 years. Now we are in a position to present to our clients the historic data for over decades coupled with the most recent data so that our clients can readily have an idea of the evolution of the product segments and can implement their business strategies easily. We guide clients toward transformational business growth strategies propelled by innovative technologies, latest trends, and emerging business segments and markets.

Our team of experts and research analysts is positioned to identify opportunities and motivate our client to devise growth strategies for their future business assignments. Our consulting solutions are backed by extensive research tools, experience and leadership that defines the much needed change and transforms vision to guide change.

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