Aromatherapy Diffusers Market

21 Mar


Aromatherapy Diffusers Market Poised to Grow at a CAGR of 8.3% by 2024

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  • January, 1970

Infinium Global Research has added a new report on Aromatherapy Diffusers Market. The report presents analysis of global as well as regional markets of aromatherapy diffusers market over the period of 2016 to 2024. Aromatherapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, and other aroma compounds for improving psychological or physical well-being. Aromatherapy diffusion is the process of dispersing essential oils so that their aroma fills an area or room with the natural fragrance. Aromatherapy diffusers are also known as essential oils diffusers. There are a wide number of essential oils available, each with its own healing properties. Also, there are numerous aromatherapy diffusers and diffusing devices available. The inhaled aroma from these essential oils is generally believed to stimulate brain function.  Essential oils can also be absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing.

Aromatherapy is gaining momentum as a form of alternative medicine. A study of both human and animals has shown that aromatherapy oil can have both stimulant and sedative effects. It is used for a variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement, and increased cognitive function. Besides this, it is also considered to provide respiratory, disinfection, decongestant, and psychological benefits. These positive effects of aromatherapy on both the immune system and central nervous system of the humans are the driving factors for the growth of this market. Aromatherapy diffusers offer a safe alternative to aromatherapy candles, lotions, and soaps. For instance, candles, both scented and unscented are often made with toxic paraffin wax that gives off dangerous vapors like benzene and toluene the same vapors found in diesel fuel exhaust. This, in turn, to benefit the growth of the aromatherapy diffuser market. Moreover, use of aromatherapy diffuser gives the user a liberty, to make blends of its own choice which is not possible while using aromatherapy soaps and lotions. Apart from this, the aromatherapy diffuser also repels insects. However, the lack of awareness concerning the use of essential oil diffuser can hamper the growth of the aromatherapy diffuser market. Growing health consciousness, easy availability of diffuser in retail as well through online channels to trigger the growth of this market.

Among the geographies, North America accounted for the largest market share in aromatherapy diffuser market. The U.S held the largest market share in the North America region. The growth in this region, is mainly responsible, owing to increase awareness about the use as well as about the benefits offered by aromatherapy. Aromatherapy diffuser are been increasingly adopted in the home for the treatment of stress, depression, and anxiety. Apart from this, the presence of aromatherapy diffuser manufacturers in this region,  easy availability of diffuser in retail stores as well as through online channel are contributing to the growth of the aromatherapy diffuser market in this region. Asia Pacific region is anticipated to grow at the fastest CAGR, during the forecast period, owing to increasing awareness about the product and rising disposable among the citizens of this region. Moreover, the growth matrix presented by Infinium Global Research identifies the key investment markets in the near future, this will not only help the companies to understand the competitive position in the global aromatherapy diffusers market but also make strategic decisions to capture the most lucrative markets in the near future. The market size is presented in terms of value for the historic year 2016 and estimated for forecast period of 2018-2024.



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The recent report identified that North America dominated the global aromatherapy diffusers market over the last couple of years, while emerging markets of Asia-Pacific and Latin America are anticipated to contribute significantly to the growth in the aromatherapy diffusers market worldwide.


The report segments the global aromatherapy diffusers market on the basis of Product, Application  and Distribution Channel.


Global Aromatherapy Diffusers Market by Product

·         Nebulizer

·         Ultrasonic

·         Electric Heat

·         Evaporative


Global Aromatherapy Diffusers Market by Application 

·         Commercial Purpose

·         Household Purpose 


Global Aromatherapy Diffusers Market by Distribution Channel 

·         Modern Trade

·         E-commerce

·         Speciliaty Stores


Companies Profiled in the Report

·         Puzhen

·         Hubmar               

·         Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. 

·         GreenAir, Inc. 

·         ZAQ  

·         SpaRoom  

·         Scentsy, Inc

·         d?TERRA International 

·          NOW Foods     

·         Young Living Essential Oils 


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