Uniportal Article for Businesses

Uniportal Article for Businesses

Setting up a business post pandemic is more demanding in terms of financial stability and sustainability. However, maintaining and elevating the growth of the business is more difficult and challenging due to changing dynamics and slow growth in related businesses. The associated businesses are equally affected due to changing market scenario post COVID-19. The pain of not being able to fulfil the expectations of your business as per the predicted statistics is invisible, but it is real. Your product is extra-ordinary, the quality of your product is superior too. Despite this, are you not able to reach your desired position in the market? Well, that might be because of the market volatility. The markets today, especially post COVID-19, have changed drastically. Planning a new market strategy is essential. However, to make a successful market master plan, you require genuine and accurate real-time insights about the market and the dynamics that affect your industry directly. You need to keep yourself abreast of the changing associated industry and need to have a complete idea about your competition and support industries.

That’s something Infinium Global Research (IGR) can help you with. Infinium Global Research has launched an E-Library of Market Research Reports and Articles: Uniportal, to help entrepreneurs and corporate businesses get detailed insights into the market dynamics and the market scopes of the varied industries and markets.

How can Market Research shape the future of businesses?

As the quote states “He who fails to plan, is planning to fail”, every business requires a proper Market Plan. Effective market plan needs to be backed up by facts and figure, real time data, and trend analysis, which is solely achieved through Market Research. IGR helps you save your extensive efforts and cost it takes to dig deep into the primary and secondary sources to gain research information and presents it to you on a golden platter, called “Uniportal”.


What is Uniportal?

Uniportal is an E-Library of Market Research Reports, specially designed to cater to your requirements. As the word “E-Library” suggests, it is an online library of all the Market Research Reports. An E-Library to access Unlimited High-Quality Market Research Reports, Articles and Journals.


How can subscribing to Uniportal help make Strong Business Strategies?

As a company, we know you face countless issues and challenges, ranging from market uncertainty to changing trends and technology. So let Infinium Global Research make your work easier and life more comfortable. The specialized researchers at IGR work hard to document what the future of the market brings to you. The changing trends, the upcoming technologies, the ever-changing market dynamics, everything is mentioned category-wise in the Market Research Reports and arranged for you in their E-Library.

The provision of information in the Market Research Reports can help you plan a Strong Business and Revival Strategy for your company.

Uniportal, by Infinium Global Research, provides you with the following benefits:

1.      Unlimited & Free Access to all the Market Research Reports related to Your Industry:

Your business is a part of a large supply chain. The demand and sales of your product depends on a number of reasons. So why limit your study to your domain only? Uniportal gives you access to all market research reports related to your industry. When you subscribe to Uniportal, you get unlimited access to the reports and articles from all the industries, from Food and Beverages to Consumer Goods & Packaging Industry. Everything is arranged category-wise for you.


2. Market Research Reports in your Specialization and customization to meet your specific requirements:

Read and Implement the market strategies based on the Specialized Market Research Reports. IGR’s key researchers publish exclusive articles on various subjects on Uniportal regularly. You can gain valuable insights from the market research reports under your specialization and use them to make a great market blueprint for your business.

3.     Documentation of Upcoming Technologies and Trends:

IGR realizes that the sole intention of consulting and reading the market research reports is to get a solution for the company’s existing problems. To address the existing issues, it is important to keep in mind the upcoming technologies and trends and specify them in the reports. This category in the market reports is solution-oriented and works best for the companies and businesses with limited knowledge of technological changes.

4.     Pay only once a year:

The subscription model crafted for Uniportal lets you access all the Mini-Reports and Articles for the period of one year. So you can not only make use of all the articles and reports related to your domain but also can utilize other industry articles and expand your creative and marketing horizon.


5.     COVID-19 Customization in Every Report:

COVID-19 has impacted businesses worldwide in a lot of ways, and that is why every the individual report found in Uniportal offers customized reports for a much better and realistic view of the world and markets post-COVID-19.COVID-19 has had a huge impact on businesses worldwide, from which many businesses are still struggling to find a place in the market and sustain themselves to survive in the long run. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted some of the strongest minds in the whole world. The companies who just knew how to make profits before the pandemic failed to cope with the stress the COVID-19 pandemic brought upon them. And while we know how stressful it can get to operate the businesses, we can’t focus on everything all at once. This is why IGR has plans to support the businesses in ways they seek help. IGR is here to back your market plans and strategies, so you can focus on the operations of your business.


Additional Benefits to Companies:

Infinium Global Research acknowledges the hardship and challenges the companies undergo in order to survive in the market and how troublesome it can get to gain access to real-time analysis and statistics of the markets worldwide, while focusing on the branding and selling of their own products and taking care of their policies.

Uniportal license plans and pricing:

1.      Industrial User Single License: USD 7999/ year

o     Access to all reports/articles

o     Access to reports by Category

o     Download articles/reports

o     Customization request

2.      Industrial User Enterprise License: USD 15999/ year

o     Access to all reports

o     Access to reports by Category

o     Download articles/reports

o     Company profiles on demand

o     Customization request


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