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30 Apr


IoT in Healthcare Market Poised to Grow at a CAGR of 31.1% by 2024

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  • January, 1970

Infinium Global Research has added a new report on IoT in Healthcare Market . The report presents analysis of global as well as regional markets of IoT in Healthcare over the period of 2016 to 2024. The rising demand of chronic disease management, better connectivity between the doctors and the patients, Enhanced Drug delivery system in the healthcare sectors have created the demand of IoT in the healthcare sector. In addition, the IoT allows to interconnect devices with each other that improve patient monitoring, patient outcomes, decrease in errors and other benefits which is likely to boost the market growth. Due to introduction of the IoT in the healthcare the efficiency, effectiveness and the quality of the service in healthcare has improved. In addition, the IoT in the healthcare is mostly used in the closed-loop insulin delivery, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, Activity trackers during cancer treatment, and connected inhalers. In addition, the IoT in the healthcare sector also provides Ingestible sensors, connected contact lenses, Depression-fighting Apple Watch app, Coagulation testing and others.


The introduction of the artificial intelligence technology in healthcare is the major factor driving the growth of this market. In addition, some factors such as technological advancement in the healthcare sector, rising demand of cost effective management system for treatment, collaboration of IT companies with the major companies catering into healthcare are expected to fuel the market growth over the forecast period.


However, the issue associated with data privacy and security are expected to hamper the market growth.  Moreover, ongoing Improvements in the healthcare infrastructure, rising investments for the R&D and growing demand of technological advancement in the healthcare sector is projected to create several opportunities for this market in upcoming years. Moreover, the growth matrix presented by Infinium Global Research identifies the key investment markets in the near future, this will not only help the companies to understand the competitive position in the global IoT in Healthcare but also make strategic decisions to capture the most lucrative markets in the near future. The market size is presented in terms of value for the historic year 2016 and estimated for forecast period of 2018-2024.


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The recent report identified that North America dominated the global IoT in Healthcare over the last couple of years, while emerging markets of Asia-Pacific and Latin America are anticipated to contribute significantly to the growth in the IoT in Healthcare worldwide.


The report segments the global IoT in Healthcare on the basis of Component, Technology, Application and End User.


Global IoT in Healthcare by Component

·         Hardware

·         System and Software

·         Services


Global IoT in Healthcare by Technology

·         Wifi

·         NFC

·         Zigbee

·         Bluetooth

·         Others


Global IoT in Healthcare by Application

·         Telemedicine

·         Clinical Operations and Workflow Management

·         Connected Imaging

·         Inpatient Monitoring

·         Medication Management

·         Others


Global IoT in Healthcare by End User

·         Hospitals, Surgical Centers, and Clinics

·         Clinical Research Organization (CRO)

·         Government and Defense Institutions

·         Research and Diagnostics Laboratories


Companies Profiled in the Report

·         Medtronic

·         Cisco Systems

·         IBM

·         GE Healthcare

·         Honeywell Life Care Solutions

·         Royal Philips

·         Microsoft

·         SAP

· &