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Commercial Airports Baggage Handling Systems Market: Global Industry Analysis, Trends, Market Size and Forecasts up to 2023

  • Published : February, 2018

  • Rep Id : AT0038

  • Category : Automotive, Aerospace & Defence

  • Status : Published

The report on global commercial airports baggage handling systems market is an in-depth analysis of the segments and sub-segments in the commercial airports baggage handling systems market. The report provides analysis for the global as well as regional markets over the period of 2015 to 2023. According to report, the global commercial airports Baggage Handling Systems market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.50% the forecast period of 2017 - 2023. The baggage handling systems refer to the conveyor system installed at the airports to carry luggage of the passengers from ticket counters to airplanes and from airplanes to baggage claims. With rise in number of international travelers and frequency of air travelers worldwide, the market for commercial airports baggage handling systems poised to grow with steady rate over the next few years. Moreover, increased efforts of airports to provide better customer service and efficiency of the airports are likely to fuel the growth in this market over the next few years. 


Figure 1: Global Commercial Airports Baggage Handling Systems Market by Value 2015 - 2023

Commercial Airports Baggage Handling Systems Market


Market Insights:

Today, the baggage handling systems in airports are showing the paradigm shift and moved to automated baggage handling systems. Earlier the luggage was checked-in, weighed and measured manually by specific personnel at a dedicated check-in desk located inside the airport terminal. However, the increasing pressure upon global airports due to the growth in passenger numbers and additional aviation security measures, the process of baggage handling and check-in has inevitably changed to increase efficiency, without jeopardizing security and that too in meeting critical bottom-line budgetary requirements. Most of the baggage handling systems is composing innovation using Barcode and RFID technology in their system to move bags from the check-in counter to the gates and load them to the aircraft before its departure, with the help of automation. In addition, the scanners are placed in route to scan the tags and labels to provide pre-emptive information.

The modern baggage handling systems are integrated with automation and Destination code vehicles (DVCs) to meet peak demand across the airport environment. The PLC and SCADA systems are used for computer-based monitoring for technical control over conveyor belt while baggage handling. The focus area of buyers such as airport companies and government authorities in the market is the baggage handling systems should be swift and the efficiency to ensure that the baggage is handled appropriately with shorter transfer times, and no mishandled baggage. The BHS is enabling self-service thereby making the baggage tracing process faster and reliable. Moreover, better service through efficient airport baggage handling system helps the airport companies to combat from the issues such as unpredictable fuel cost, tight finance, and uncertain global economies in terms of financial gains and sustainability.

Among prevailing popular technologies, Barcode system and RFID System, the increasing usage of RFID tags in baggage handling is also expected to fuel the market growth over the forecast period. The key players in the market are also switching from barcodes to a combination of barcode and RFID or complete RFID tag-based system altogether. Thus, the use of the combination of barcoding and RFID tagging for baggage management process to manage the flow of the baggage between different aircraft and airports during the journey is also a preferred choice.

Majority of airports authorities are looking forward to modernizing existing baggage handling system with self-service bag drops to lower operational costs, improve passenger congestion and passenger experience. Self-service baggage handling systems are expected to dominate the market during the forecasts period. However, there exist significant challenges to fully realize the benefits of these solutions.

Among conveyors and destination-coded vehicles, conveyors are considered as a preferred choice owing to the fact that the players in the baggage handling system market are integrating conveyor belt with automation to reduce complexity due to electromechanical technology and ease of maintenance. However, the DCVs segment is showing increased traction due to its ability to calculate the route, enter a circuit without disrupting the traffic, adapt to traffic, and ability to communicate with other DCVs to maintain the safe distance. This system gives optimize operations, consumes low energy, improves tracking of each bag, and meets the customer satisfaction.

Segments Covered

The report on global commercial airports baggage handling systems market covers segments such as technology, airport class, service type, and type.  The technology segments include barcode system, and RFID system. On the basis of airport class the global commercial airports baggage handling systems market is categorized into class A, class B, and class C. Furthermore, on the basis of service type the commercial airports baggage handling systems market is segmented as self-service and assisted service. On the basis of type the commercial airports baggage handling systems market is segmented as destination-coded vehicles, and conveyors.


Geographic Coverage

The report provides regional analysis covering geographies such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World. In this section the key trends and market size for each geography is provided over the period of 2015 – 2023.


Figure 2: Global Commercial Airports Baggage Handling Systems Market by Region, CAGR %, 2017-2023

Commercial Airports Baggage Handling Systems Market


The countries covered in the North America region include the U.S., Canada, and Mexico; while Asia-Pacific includes China, Japan, India, South Korea, Malaysia, and among others. Moreover, Germany, U.K., France, Spain, and Rest of Europe are included in the European region. The U.S. drives the growth in the North America region as it is the largest market in the region. The Asia-pacific region offers a substantial potential for the market growth owing to rapid growth in markets such as India and China. The APAC region is projected to experience a growth at a CAGR of x.x% over the period of 2017 - 2023.


Companies Profiled:

The report provides profiles of the companies in the global commercial airports baggage handling systems market such as, Daifuku Company, Ltd., Beumer Group, G&S Airport Conveyer, Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH, BCS Group, Logplan LLC, Siemens AG, Pteris Global Limited, Fives Group, and Vanderlande Industries.


Report Highlights:

The report provides deep insights on demand forecasts, market trends and micro and macro indicators. In addition, this report provides insights on the factors that are driving and restraining the global commercial airports baggage handling systems market. Moreover, IGR-Growth Matrix analysis given in the report brings an insight on the investment areas that existing or new market players can consider. The report provides insights into the market using analytical tools such as Porter’s five forces analysis and DRO analysis of commercial airports baggage handling systems market.

Moreover, the study highlights current market trends and provides forecast from 2017 to 2023. We also have highlighted future trends in the commercial airports baggage handling systems market that will impact the demand during the forecast period. Moreover, the competitive analysis given in each regional market brings an insight on the market share of the leading players. Additionally, the analysis highlights rise and fall in the market shares of the key players in the market. This report will help manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of the commercial airports baggage handling systems market to understand the present and future trends in this market and formulate their strategies accordingly.

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